As I am sure you have seen – or even experienced yourself – every parent using a capsule attached to a trolley
always carries a big, cumbersome blanket around to put over those capsules, because everyone knows how terribly unhygienic they can be!
Well, worry no more, because the Trolley Monster® Trolley Capsule Liner is here to make your shopping trip a breeze, and to protect your precious baby from all potential nasties they may encounter while out and about! The Trolley Monster® Trolley Capsule Liner is perfect for newborns who are still too small to sit up in the trolley by themselves.
Made from the highest quality 100% cotton materials, the capsule liner is padded with thick, 400gm synthetic inner lining – this will make bubs capsule ride so much more comfortable! The liner has double stitched holes for all the harness so you can make sure bub is always secure, and comes with strap covers to make sure bubs delicate skin is protected. The Trolley Monster® trolley capsule liner is fully machine washable and is tumble or line dryable, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your bub will always be clean and safe while out shopping with you. 
 Thanks for your patience, pictures coming soon.
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