The Trolley Monster® Story…

When my youngest son was born, he was diagnosed with a heart condition. Thankfully, we were lucky and over time the defect corrected itself without requiring surgery, but for the first few months of his life we had to live in a ‘bubble world’ to ensure he didn’t come into contact with any nasty bugs, as the doctors said any chest infection could seriously impact his heart.
We had to pull our older son from pre-school, limit visitors, and trips into town were out of bounds too – even something as simple as doing the grocery shopping was too risky, as he could easily have caught something nasty. After all, when was the last time you saw a shopping centre wash or disinfect their shopping trolleys?  I never have! And research agrees; in 2004, an Australian current affairs television program randomly tested shopping trolleys and found that over 30% tested positive for staphylococcus bacteria!
Unsurprisingly, after not long both myself and my pre-schooler were going stir crazy – we needed to get out of the house! I have experience as a seamstress, and so I decided to knock up a series of covers for everything that my bub (and baby supplies) would touch in a trip out into the world; his car seat, the trolley, nappy bag and change mat. The covers were extremely successful, my little monster was completely protected from illness, I was comfortable in the knowledge that I could wash everything after each trip out. And soon other people were asking me to make covers for their little monsters too!
Thirteen years later, and my little monster is now a much bigger monster; happy, healthy and in high school. Meanwhile, I am still making Trolley Monster® covers, and loving being able to help other mums and dads protect their little monsters – and keep them travelling in style and comfort – when they are out and about.
Marls xx