Our latest product and your new best friend! The Nappy Free Time mat is designed to protect both your bub and your floor when having some free time sans nappy! This great rug comes in two sizes; regular (150cmx95cm) and large (145cmx145cm), and is comprised of a soft, 100% cotton outer, thick and soft synthetic padding with a layer of the best quality, hospital grade waterproof mattress protection in the middle.
Features of the nappy free time mat that make it so popular:
  • Perfect for slippery floors (such as tiles or wood) as they will not move/bunch up when bub is wiggling around.
  • High quality materials mean that there are no plastic crunching sounds that are often associated with water proof materials.
  • Totally machine washable and tumble dry friendly.
  • Great for picnics or outdoor play, as they will keep damp from the ground from reaching baby.
  • The fabric is smooth so no nasty bacteria can live in the grain, and it will not flake or break down in the wash.
And once your bub gets a bit older, you can re-purpose your nappy free time rug as a mattress protector! It will help makes your life that bit easier; they sit on top of the bottom sheet so if your little person has an accident in the middle of the night all you have to do is take it out from under them keeping them warm, saving you from having to remake a bed in the ‘wee’ hours of the morning!

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