The Trolley Monster® Shopping Trolley Cover is our signature product, designed specifically to keep your child safe, comfortable and clean whilst out shopping.
 Why do I need a Trolley Monster® anyway?
When was the last time you saw your local store wash and disinfect their trolleys? Home many times have you reached for a trolley and had to take out half eaten food, dirty tissues or drink bottles? Have you ever had – or seen someone else have – a packet of raw meat or chicken drip in the seat area while you were waiting at the checkout? Have you ever seen trolleys left around the streets?
If you have experienced any of these things, you have been using a trolley that is contaminated with any number of different bacteria and viruses, and you need a Trolley Monster® trolley cover to protect your baby when you are shopping!
What makes Trolley Monster® the best cover on the market:
  • The Trolley Monster® is the original trolley cover, and is design is IP Australia design registered and certified; all other brands are knock offs!
  • Made of durable, 100% cotton soft furnishing materials which will last years and years.
  • All seams are top-stitched to prevent holes forming and ensure a smooth finish against babies’ skin.
  • Filled with 400gm synthetic inner wadding, the thickest currently available.
  • We use Ultra Fresh Wadding, which is effective against dust mite allergies, and inhibits the growth of mildew, mould and odour causing bacteria.
  • Will fit all standard shopping trolleys found in Australian shopping centres.
  • Trolley Monster® designed to cover all aspects of the trolley that bub can reach.
  • Entire trolley cover is machine washable (on gentle cycle) and tumble or line dryable – wadding is stitched in place to prevent it from deforming.
  • Seat belt holes so you can still buckle bub in and ensure they don’t fall out.
  • Choose from single and twin design; twin is suitable for 2 children of different ages.
  • Suitable for children from sitting up stage, up to 3-4 years of age.
  • Inner leg guards, to protect against pinched skin.
  • Toy loops, so your little monster can’t donate their toys to the floor!
  • Swivel key clip – never lose your keeps in your bag again!
  • Extra-large, fully-lined pocket to keep your (or bubs) essentials in.
  • Scented lavender pouch to make your trolley monster smelling clean and fresh (must be removed for washing).
  • Large pillow to support bubs head for sudden naps.
  • Trolley Monster® will also fit into restaurant highchairs and swing sets.



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